Charged Up – Robot Prgress

Software Week Six and Seven Progress

Week 6 & 7: Button Board / Control:We reached functionality with a few buttons, though the layout was not finalized. Holding down on the buttons now activates a certain designated command.Neopixels:We can now control different sections of neopixels, and make them constant or blinking through holding down buttons. Pneumatics: The Pneumatic Control Module, or PCM, …

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Software Week One Progress

Week 1: The Initial Checkin is the initial commit in our public repository for this season’s robot, Charged Up. Directly after, we imported a completely blank project with storm utils and updated vendordeps, with the basic swerve drive code from the offseason. We also updated everything to WPILib 2023 this first week. As the first …

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Electrical Week Nine Progress

Week 9 (3/10 – 3/11) This week, we connected the blue Ethernet cord from its switch to the arm. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Along with this, we also connected the Power Distribution Hub (PDH) to a DC to DC converter, which we then connected to the arm. Initially, the converter didn’t reach the arm so we crimped the …

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