To help divide the multitude of tasks we have throughout the year, we have split into multiple subteams to specialize in each category.  A member can participate in as many subteams as they would like.  However, each member must participate in at least one outreach subteam.

Technical Subteams


The subteam that designs and builds the robot.


The subteam that wires the robot functions to allow it to move.


The subteam that programs the robot’s actions.

Nontechnical Subteams


Formerly called the Chairman’s Award, this award-winning subteam is what gets us to the World Championships.


We are not just a technical team.  We also give back to our community with our international STEM outreach!


Building robots can get quite dangerous!  Our safety subteam helps us stay safe while having fun.

Competition Season

Drive Team

The team that drives the robot during competitions.  This team consists of 5 members who study the rules and game strategy.

Scouting Team

The team that provides drive team with information about other teams to form better alliances.