Before FRC

Our story begins with an FLL team, meeting out of a family home in Westford, Massachusetts. Over the years, this team competed and, drawing ever more interested elementary and middle schoolers, grew into three teams. At some point, one of the FLL teams decided to call themselves Stormgears, and the other teams soon adopted the moniker, and Red, Green, and Blue Stormgears were. In the 2014 Nature’s Fury challenge, Green Stormgears won the Massachusetts championship and traveled to St. Louis for the FIRST Championship. They discovered FRC teams there, and they discussed the costs of forming an FRC team. Contacting Andromeda One for guidance, they filed paperwork and started to recruit team members.


While exploring the formation of a new team, several Stormgears mentors were also looking into starting a new local makerspace business: Creation Station. This makerspace would serve as our headquarters for the next two years. By meeting not out of a school but out of a business, we have been able to pull talented members from over five different towns. Creation Station felt like a second home to many of us, and we are immensely grateful to them for allowing us to use their space. Unfortunately, Creation Station closed its space during the summer of 2016, and we began to search for a new place to meet.

SMC Base

Since autumn 2016, we have been fortunate to set up our base in an SMC Ltd. warehouse.  We are excited about using this new facility to the fullest to push Stormgears into the future.

New Base: Swanson Road

Team has found new location in Boxborough and started using that as a new base for all meetings and building robot