Apple Blossom Parade 2024

On May 18, 2024, Stormgears participated in the annual Apple Blossom Parade held in the Westford, MA town center, and overall it was a great success! This event wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our volunteers from Stormgears: Aditi K, Advit Mehta, Akshaj Ghanta, Claire Gao, Krish Parmar, Sabah Chatiwala, Srikar Bhuvanagiri, Sim Ali, Axel Rodriguez, Sadaf Shams.

Approximately 5000 people attended this event! As we walked through the streets of Westford, people enjoyed seeing our robot in action when we shot notes (orange foam rings) onto the street. To shoot the notes into the crowd in a more simple fashion, our software team enabled intake from the top of our shooter. In addition to entertaining the crowd with our stellar robot, our team delighted the younger kids by handing out candy.

In addition to our Stormgears FRC team, we also invited the Stormgears FLL teams to walk with us and show the crowd the Lego robot they created this season.

However, it is worth noting that just as the parade began, the weather stirred and it began to rain. In other words, it rained on our parade! Despite this, our robot was still able to successfully intake and launch notes into the street with no overall damage to our equipment! Now we know that if there is a water game next year, Stormgears will be prepared. Once the parade culminated, we began running the booth. The booth was a great success as well, with many curious bypassers, and children who were excited to drive our robot and gain a love for STEAM.

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