FLL Workshop

First Annual FLL Workshop

In September of 2022, the Stormgears hosted our first ever FLL Workshop. With 3 teams attending and a lot of energy, we were able to have a successful and fun day of learning! There were two main components of the workshop: The Robotics Challenge and Core Value Challenges. In the robotics challenge, we first taught the kids how to use and program the Edisons with a simple presentation. Afterwards, we brought them to the conference room and showed them their challenge for the day: The maze. For the next hour or so, the kids used trial and error to get their Edisons through our perplexing maze! It was very successful and many teams were able to complete the maze.

 Next, they moved on to the core value challenges. The first challenge required teams to use rubber bands and teamwork to make a cup tower. While some teams did better than others, it was a very good lesson for everyone about the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Next, we had teams stand in a circle with their hands interlocked and required them to move a hula hoop all around the circle without letting go of any hands. Many of them were able to do this and already showed growth from the first challenge! Finally, we did the human knot, which was by far the most challenging task of them all. In this challenge, they were required to stand in a circle with interlocked hands with their arms crossed over while facing away from each other. Then they had to use their teamwork skills to get everyone to turn around and face each other. While it was challenging, with trial and error, teams began to get the hang of it and were eventually able to do it with ease!