Acton Discovery Museum

Bi-Annual Acton Discovery Museum Event

We held our first bi-annual robotics event at the Acton Discovery Museum on October 1st. The museum usually holds events centered around STEAM for kids ages 3-12.  Kids of all ages attended, and they were actively participating, asking questions whenever they were uncertain. Through our activities, the kids were able to explore their skills in the basics of robotics, while having fun with friends!

The event ran for 2 hours, and more than 100 people participated.

Robotic Hand:

Using straws, string, tape, and construction paper, kids were able to make a moving hand similar to their own. Not only did this activity show kids the basics of robotics, or also taught them how joints and pulleys work.

Lego Mirroring:

One kid was instructed to build a structure with legos. Only using directional and shape descriptions, their partner was instructed to replicate the structure.


We brought a small robot programmed to throw balls across the room.