Crescendo – Robot Progress

Impact Week 3 Progress

 During this week, we continued to make progress on both the executive summary and the essay. One issue we ran into concerned what titles we wanted to have for our ‘10 ways we’ve impacted our community’ in our essay, and we eventually figured it out by having titles that were simple yet also conveyed Stormgears’ …

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Impact Week 2 Progress

 After outlining what things we want to talk about in our essay (10 ways we’ve impacted our community) and executive summary, we’ve started working on fleshing out those ideas through our weekly virtual sessions and in-person meetings. Even though we couldn’t discuss our impact past 2021, we quickly realized that we have an incredible amount …

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Impact Week 1 Progress

Our team started working on outlines for both the Executive Summary and the Essay after the challenge was revealed, breaking up into teams to discuss what approaches we should use. We also discussed the main theme that we wanted to incorporate through our essay and our presentation-the fact that Stormgears is turning 10!

Drive Team Write Up – Week 5 Progress

Week 5: This week we practiced shooting and intaking for the first time.  We are able to do ground and source intake, and shoot into the amp and speaker.  We made cycles practicing each skill, with chairs acting as obstacles for drive.  Additionally, we tested our auto.  However, we have some issues with drifting.  Our …

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Electrical – Week 5 Progress

WEEK 5: 02/09/24 After having a battery issue earlier in the week, we worked on fixing a fried SPARK MAX motor controller, a damaged NEO motor, and the wiring of the battery. We hope to implement a more meticulous process in checking the status and wiring of batteries. Many of our batteries had loose connections …

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