Scout Fair 2023

September 24, 2023, Stormgears held our 5th annual Scoutfair in partnership with NetScout and was a huge success!

Roughly 10 Netscout Volunteers and Stormgears students helped 25 Girl Scouts from K-5 achieve their robotic badges. The scouts designed, built, and tested their various robots that they created. The scouts, along with the parents, volunteers, and students, had a great time!

Some of the exciting activities the scouts participated in were:

  1. Learning about the basic about robot and FIRST
  2. Making a Robotic hand using paper, straws and threads – (K-1)
  3. Making a Bristle bot, which is a robot made of a toothbrush, vibrator motor, battery, and pipe cleaners – (K-1)
  4. Making an ArtBot – (2-3)
  5. Design and develop code using the Edison Robot (4-5)
  6. Learn about robotics team and see a robot in motion