Crescendo – Robot Progress

Mechanical – Week 4 Progress

WEEK 4: 02/02/24 This weekend we finished up assembling the shooter and the intake. Initially, we made the intake out of MDF material. One of the mechanical team mentors, Mr. Eggert spent the night cutting the material using laser technology.      WEEK 4: 02/04/24 Our intake is ready! We had spent the weekend melting […]

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Mechanical – Week 2 Progress

WEEK 2: 01/13/24 Next, we wanted to have ready practice equipment for our prototype. One of our mentors, Axel Rodriguez, guided a few students in building these structures following FIRST directions. Working together, we quickly built a speaker and amp in just a few hours.  WEEK 2: 01/14/24 We built our first prototype! Using MDF,

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