Electrical – Week 3 Progress

WEEK 3: 01/26/24

We started the week by checking the quality of batteries. Due to the battery needing to be connected to the robot, there was a section of the panel that was removed near the front. This caused us to have to move back the PDP and change the wiring of the motor controllers.

WEEK 3: 01/27/24

On Saturday we worked on organising inventory that was shipped to the workspace. This included new 22 AWG, and 18 AWG wire, as well as new ferrule pins. Then we created an electrical board diagram of the new setup, including the new CANbus wiring pattern we used.

WEEK 3: 01/28/24

Today we tested more sensors, checking the range where a Note piece can be sensed. Through this testing, we realised we do not have beam-on sensors, but we have proximity sensors that are reflective. The sensor that we thought was the best for sensing the Note was the Rectangular Photo Sensor (QMR8-0N-0A).  It has the ability to change the sensitivity of where it can detect Notes as well as its ability to function in different light levels. SPECS

We also started a new project to organise our wire. This is by creating a pole shelf that can hold the wire on it. 

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