Electrical Week One Progress

WEEK 1: 01/13/24

Stormgears starts its 2023 season! While the robot is in its works from the mechanical standpoint about the design, electrical is measuring the dimensions of all of the parts needed to be on the electrical panel. With all of these dimensions electrical is going to come up with a cad design of where the electrical panel would be sitting and where each component would go onto the electrical panel. It is essential to have the electrical panel easily accessible, so that any issues can be easily found and fixed without having to unscrew parts and cut zip ties. 

WEEK 1: 01/14/24

Today we tested different sensors. We discussed which sensors would be the best for the intake of the robot, to ensure the note piece is in the right area of the robot. After our discussion, we decided on using proximity sensors, specifically the NOYITO E3F-DS30C4 Diffuse Reflection Proximity Sensor. The other sensors that were tested were not able to detect objects through poly-carb. We even found that not all of the Diffuse Reflection Proximity Sensors could detect through the polycarb, only some. We need to do further testing to find the specific sensors that are able to.

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