Mechanical – Week 3 Progress

WEEK 3: 01/21/24

We started the week by building our new chassis. We spent the day tapping holes into the metal as well as sorting screws for the new robot. Soon, we finished the H shaped chassis and we were able to teach newer students how to transfer the swerve modules to the new robot. 


WEEK 3: 01/26/24

By Saturday, the 26th, we had a good idea on what our intake would look like. Some students worked on finalizing the CAD whereas others worked on improving their skills in synthesizing belts. The design still needs some adjustments on where the motors will go but this is the basic idea. They will intake the note using rotating belts, which we need to melt together. We practiced this technique with smaller pieces of belts before doing the real thing. 


WEEK 3: 01/27/24

Today, after cutting out the necessary holes on the MDF paper, we were able to put together our new shooter prototype! This new design would eventually become our real shooter using polycarbonate. Students worked to construct the prototype, looking for possible churros to use that would meet the length requirement. 

Additionally, some students worked on assembling the swerve drive covers on top of our swerves. Our robot will be driving in style!

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