Electrical Week 6 Progress

WEEK 6: 02/16/24

We fixed a loose ferrule connection on the roborio, re-labeled the 2024 batteries with the new serial numbers, extended a SPARK MAX motor controller’s wires, and finalized the packing list/ tote for our Week 0 competition. A limelight camera was mounted to our robot as well, so it was wired between the Radio and the PDP. There is currently an issue with accessibility to the electrical board, but this issue should hopefully be solved by the finalized electrical board design we will print.

WEEK 6: 02/17/24

It’s our first non-official competition of the season! Though there was not a lot of electrical work done during the competition, we tried to wire the LED indication tower. The housing on the existing tower was not adaptable to the RoboRio, so we made a male to male housing pigtail. There was an issue with one battery that was taken to competition, but we have integrated a new standard in our battery testing procedure to prevent the use of fair batteries during matches. Drive team has also implemented checking battery status with a battery beak, which is further insurance of the use of good batteries during matches.  

WEEK 6: 02/18/24

We started planning out the aesthetic lights for the robot→ underglow and arcade lights. There is still some more planning needed to figure out where they are going to be placed, and where power will need to be drawn. We also received 2 new batteries, so a few people worked on wiring those up. Stormgears also has signs we use in the stands that spell out 5-4-2-2-🌩; they are difficult to control due to issues with the microcontroller and radio components, so we started prototyping a design that could integrate 2 microcontrollers onto one board. 


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