FLL Mentoring

In September of 2022, the Stormgears began to mentor yet another FLL team: The Yellow Stormgears. This team was made up of 7 motivated students. Under the direction of Ajay and Wahid, these kids worked hard to make a winning robot and innovative project! Their journey began by building a robot. With the help of their mentors, they were able to choose a robot and finish building very quickly. Over the next couple weeks, they built attachments, worked on positioning and coded in order to complete as many missions as possible. In the end, they were able to reach around 130 points (Really good for a first year team!!) and completed 7 missions. While it seems simple on paper, this process was not easy by any means and without their teamwork and collaboration, they would have never been able to achieve such a score. Next, for their innovation project they designed a sustainable and efficient generator that could generate large sums of energy with the power of magnets! The design itself is quite complicated, but in simple terms, they used the polarized nature of magnets to turn rods which would generate electricity. It was a very innovative idea, but due to the late start of the project, they were not able to actually materialize it and were forced to settle with just a tinker model. To present their idea to the judges, the kids came up with a creative skit with businesspeople and scientists which showed how the Magnes generator could solve the rapid depletion of resources. Overall, this team was very enjoyable to mentor. They truly exemplified the core values of FIRST and always worked with a purpose, were motivated and wanted to learn new things!

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