Si, Se Puede

In January of 2023, Stormgears conducted another outreach event to spread STEM to underprivileged children: Si, Se Puede. Si, Se Puede (translated to “Yes, It Is Possible”) is a multi-service after-school neighborhood program based in an apartment complex in Lawrence, MA. The primary purpose of Si, Se Puede is to provide educational, social, and economic support for low-income Lawrence youth and their families. Our team partnered with them to teach their student mentors how to build BristleBots. Those student mentors will then go on to teach even younger children the same material we taught them. This allows for our STEM projects to be replicated and taught to children of all ages in the Lawrence community.  The students of Si, Se Puede have also been signed up for our STEAMSplash program and learn through that during the “in-betweens” of our meeting times. We continue to interact through Zoom and in person to offer more STEM-related projects. In the following months, we will continue to teach more adults and children the activities and principles of STEM.

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