Electrical – Week 4 Progress

WEEK 4: 02/02/24 We started the week by fixing batteries. There was an issue earlier in the week where the batteries we were using for a testing drive caused the robot to shut down. Through inspection, we realized that this was because of loose connections. After fixing that battery, we checked the status and connections …

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Mechanical – Week 4 Progress

We assembled the second iteration of our shooter and our ground intake prototype.  The shooter prototype requires a few more modifications to fit our new belts, and the intake worked as expected during testing. We are currently CADing the finalized prototypes for each, and have just assembled the parts. https://www.stormgears.org/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/IMG_0345.mov https://www.stormgears.org/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/IMG_2813.mov

Electrical – Week 2 Progress

WEEK 2: 01/19/24 We tested photoelectric sensors to see which sensors are the most effective for the intake and the shooter of the robot. WEEK 2: 01/20/24 We started planning and wiring the electrical board. We reused wire from other robots, so they are not all the perfect length. In the future, we will cut …

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Strormgears Preparing for the Westford Apple Blossom Parade 2023

The FRC team, Stromgears 5422 is participating in the Westford for Apple Blossom Parade this year. We have been following this tradition for many years, although we had to take a break during Covid. We will be holding a booth until 3 pm on Saturday, May 13th, 2023. We will be showing off our robot …

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