Electrical – Week 4 Progress

WEEK 4: 02/02/24

We started the week by fixing batteries. There was an issue earlier in the week where the batteries we were using for a testing drive caused the robot to shut down. Through inspection, we realized that this was because of loose connections. After fixing that battery, we checked the status and connections between the other batteries. 

WEEK 4: 02/03/24

We finished fixing the remaining batteries, and we organized the brushless spark max motors and motor controllers. Then we added a shelf to organize the spools of wire. Finally, we wired a Rectangular Photo Sensor (QMR8-0N-0A) to a SPARK MAX motor controller in the shooter attachment. After testing, we were able to control the sensitivity of the sensor to detect objects from a specific distance. 

WEEK 4: 02/04/24

We finished the connections of 2 other Rectangular Photo Sensors (QMR8-0N-0A), and then we re-wired the shooter mechanism of the robot. 

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