Electrical Week Four Progress

Week 4 (1/28 – 2/3)

We designed up our 3d modular design on SolidWorks, and decided whether we should make the design out of polycarbonate or wood. In the end, we decided to use polycarbonate. 

Using this CAD representation, we are planning to either make the electrical box out of wood or tempered glass.

Button Board:
We worked on researching the button board parts with the link to the amazon product that Mr. Eggert gave us. This gave us more detailed specs and dimensions of each component (buttons, kill switch, etc), which we can use to more accurately CAD out our button board. 

We soldered wires onto all of the buttons we had on hand for the button board. After soldering the wires onto the buttons, we attached 3 pin housing for all of the wires so that we could plug the wires into the board SJ@JX CY 822B Led Joystick.


We started working on encoders and soldered them. We also soldered wires onto 4 strips of the neopixels, and we crimped these wires as well.

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